Photography and captions provided by Brad Quartuccio of Dirt Rag Magazine. Thank you!

JJ Gregorowicz drops in from the narrow peak of a pro line. Note the Capriolo Ti stock bike.

This is a 6+ foot gap with a good foot of rise to it that JJ Gregorowicz is doing here. He lands on the platform just above the camera.

JJ Gregorowicz proves once again why he is the most decorated US rider. He cleaned this, on both stock and mod.

Check it out, Jeff Lenosky can just hover through the sections if he strikes the right pose.

Jeff Lenosky on his new Giant atop the roof of a car.

Lance Trappe balanced on a log before gapping to the car hood out of the picture to the right.

Lance Trappe dropping from the van onto the car…

…and going up to the roof of the car, and…

down the log and out of the section.

Cristiano Santos drops from the roof of the van. If I remember this correctly he cleared the batch of tires at the front of the van and landed on pavement all in one leap from the roof.

Cristiano Santos rides atop a large chunk of wood before gapping to the car hood and finishing the section.

Cristiano Santos atop the "natural" logs only section.

Cristiano Santos rides down and out of the natural logs section.

Andrew Fulton on the pro-only pivoting section. This caused more than a few pro's to take a five.

Nigel Kohring goes to the roof on his Megamo mod.

Shaun Miller is a blur on his Ellsworth painted Monty. He rode an Ellsworth Specialist stock bike.

And now the Expert riders...

Steve Young rides on the tractor tires in a sport section on his Capriolo stock bike.

Michael Libercci goes up to the trunk on his Echo…

…and then the roof…

…before dropping off the trunk and finishing the section.

Lloyd Bayley getting vertical for the drop from the car in an expert/pro section. [info thanks to Jason Taras]

Brian Yezierski riding a custom painted black Monty X-Lite. [info thanks to Steve Leonforte]

Phil Wheeler gapping over the expert bridge on his Echo stock because he found it to be easier than riding along the bridge (info thanks to Michael Friddell). The mods gapped up this, from left to right.

The atmosphere is brewing with biketrials on February 16, 2002 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg PA for Motorama 2002.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who e-mailed us names of the Expert riders - Dan Bowhers, Gary Lessner, Corey Stuart, Jason Taras, Stephen Leonforte, Roman Chertov, Brad Trowbridge, Mike Libercci, Phil Wheeler, and Michael Friddell