Pro Riders

Scott Thompson working his way up a very steep and dusty course

Now on his way cautiously down, very smooth exit...

Makes it look like he's on a full-suspension downhill bike, not a mod bike...

Tony Fernandez in his first Pro competition!

Pros had to go around the green ticker right below Tony, while expert just had to go around the red ribbon...

Tony coming down

Tony Fernandez

Scott Thompson

Scott Thompson coming down

Shaun Miller going up for fun (now riding an Ellsworth-painted Monty, no longer riding for Brisa)

Tony Fernandez coming down in this hairy section (impressive!)

Andrew Fulton

Andrew getting up the boulder

And attempting to gap up the boulder

Scott Thompson gapping to hooking front wheel and up and around...

Gapping to front wheel, using that Avid Mechanical front disc and his impeccable style to roll up onto the rock.

...and gapping down.

Shaun Miller swiftly making his way through the section