BIU Spain World Round - 2001
Story and photos from Roger Rodriguez (Brisa Owner)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Last night after the competition about 30 of us went out partying in a larger town near the camp called Manresa. A few locals guided all of us, including Cesar down to an underground night club. We all danced and drank Redbull until they kicked us out at closing around 4 am. I have to say, Cesar better keep riding because he's not the greatest dancer. It doesn't matter though, he still left well accompanied that night.

I spoke to Cesar as well about our plan to have a different, very big type of BikeTrials competition in the States and that we wanted to have him be present. He said "yes, I will come, ask Pedro". I mentioned Nelson Reis to him, and he said he had not heard of any Nelson. I told him that many had compared Nelson to him as far as riding the HUGE moves. He seemed in doubt about that…..The man is cool and takes his riding VERY serious, I didn't see him drink much that night, he was probably thinking of his next competition the following weekend.

Most everyone left on Monday, JJ took off with the British Team. Mike, Shaun and I took a train to Barcelona. It was extremely difficult hauling all those bikes and luggage in a taxi and train. I twisted my knee again the night before dancing, Shaun had injured his junk on a zip line slide and Mike had his wrist fractured recently. We all looked crippled walking huge bags down town Barcelona looking for a hotel. It took us 3 hours to get settled in a little hotel called Loret right on the busiest street of the city. We had a great time in Barcelona the city is awesome and Mike turned out to be a very cool guy to hang with.

We rode all around downtown and finally the police threatened to take our bikes, so that was the end of that! The next day, I was out of there and flew back home to get serious again about my work. The boys stayed another night and left at 5 am yesterday for the tour bus to take them to France. The second round of the BIU Worlds is this weekend. Lets hope everything goes well with all our guys…