Vail Trials Shootout
The pros took over for the afternoon. The star of the day was J.J. Gregorowicz, who rode perfectly, scoring a big 0 dabs, 10 cleans. He remains the rider to emulate, with his smooth, fluid style and his amazing speed. He finished most of the sections in almost half the time of the other riders. Cristiano showed that he is a powerful force in the trials world with his performance. Always a crowd pleaser, Cristiano hammed it up for the gathered masses. Jeff Lenosky (Schwinn/Toyota) also had a good day. He is an amazing rider to watch because he is so much bigger than everyone else. You know a guy like him is smooth, otherwise he would have trouble making bikes last very long. By the way it seems that Schwinn will be coming out with a trials specific stock frame in the near future. Rumor has it the frame will retail for around $350 - $400. Jeff was riding what could be called the prototype, although he said the top tube was longer due to his size.

It was a fun weekend for all that attended. The crowds were large and cheered really loud when the riders pulled off big moves, (which was almost every move in the comp).

Sunday Results

Expert Stock
1st Chris Pascucci (Trialsin USA/ Ambassador) 12 dabs 6 cleans
2nd Ross McMaster (Trialsin USA) 14 dabs 6 cleans
3rd Aaron Lutze (Schwinn/Trialsin USA/ Ambassador) 14 dabs 5 cleans
4th Andy Dole (Schwinn) 15 dabs 4 cleans
5th Tom Hayes 31 dabs 2 cleans

Pro Stock
1st J.J. Gregorowicz (Monty USA/ Ambassador) 0 dabs 10 cleans
2nd Cristiano Santos (Brisa) 2 dabs 8 cleans
3rd Jeff Lenosky (Schwinn/Toyota) 6 dabs 6 cleans
4th Jeremy VanSchoonhoven (Airbomb/ Ambassador) 13 dabs 6 cleans
5th Chris Clark (Trek/Volkswagon) 25 dabs 3 cleans
6th Dan Drain (Schwinn/Toyota) 41 dabs 0 cleans

2000 Stephen Maeder