Vail Trials Shootout
The afternoon belonged to the pro mod riders. Seven showed up and 6 finished with one falling victim to a broken brake line. The sections were similar to those that the experts rode; the moves were just bigger. After the first round Alex Cubbage and Cristiano Santos (Brisa) were tied, both cleaned all five sections. Following closely behind was JJ Gregorowicz (Monty USA), with just one dab. In the final two sections however, Cristiano fell off a narrow log when it shifted slightly, gaining a five for the section. He said a few things in Portuguese that if translated probably couldn't be repeated here. Alex almost cleaned the same section, putting a foot down when the same log shifted again. Now it was tied between JJ and Alex. JJ came through with style and cleaned the final five sections. Both riders were too tired to do a tie breaker and decided to split the prize money for first place.

The most spectacular parts failure came when Derrick Mogensen was pulling a 6' gap (with a 3' drop) and landed with a big "crack" sound. He broke the bottom bracket spindle clean off at the crank.

Saturday Results

Expert Modified
1st Chris Pascucci (Trialsin USA/ Ambassador) 14 dabs 4 cleans
2nd Josh Stevenson (Rad Racing) 35 dabs 2 cleans
3rd Mike Snyder 50 dabs 0 cleans
Derrick Mogensen DNF

Pro Modified
1st Tie - J.J. Gregorowicz (Monty USA/ Ambassador) 1 dab 9 cleans
- Alex Cubbage 1 dab 9 cleans
2nd Cristiano Santos (Brisa) 10 dabs 8 cleans
3rd Tie - Daniel Drain (Schwinn/Toyota) 33 dabs 2 cleans
- Brian Maier (Trialsin USA) 33 dabs 2 cleans
4th Tom Neb (Yeti) 33 dabs 1 clean
Jason Schwinabart (Cosmo/Dirt Rag) DNF

2000 Stephen Maeder