The Trials Bug (Section Tick) by Neil Ford

I'm sure all of you have done this before. Youíre walking to your office, or one of your many destinations,or maybe even just sitting, without your bike. And you just start picturing yourself riding on obstacles that see. You know itís happened to yourself. Maybe times while you walked past a construction site, cluttered with spools and piping, steel beams and rubble. And you just daze off and enter that trialsin world where you see yourself dropping off that huge pipe, or maybe hopping from beam to beam 10 feet above the ground.

I know I have had those thoughts. All day, Iíve sat here in this office and stared out the window, looking for things to ride. And even though all that is out there, 15 stories up, is a 8 foot wide ledge and some cement blocks, I want to ride it.I almost see myself balanced on my rear wheel on top of those blocks. It kills me to not have a bike, and to be stuck inside working on the computer. And even if I never get the chance to ride that ledge outside my office, I will be sure to hop on my bike and ride till the cows come home tonight. Not being able to ride is almost as bad, if not worse, as not being able to take a piss.

Neil Ford