Hans Rey - Trials Ambassador

Last Friday, a bunch of friends and I had an opportunity to ride trials with most likely the biggest name in trials in the States, Hans Rey. Where we rode, Hans set up some sections for us and then worked with us through the section individually. Hans cleaned the section, but that goes without saying.

Unfortunately, our trials sessions had to stop abruptly complements of two cops who were looking for a fugitive or something but heard our brakes instead!! Fortunately, Hans had promised us that he would like to do this kind of thing again.

Hans is a great guy. Here is someone who is an icon in our sport and yet doesn't mind helping out (for free!) riders who are still learning. This sport needs more professional riders like himself. Like, how many sports can one name where professionals do this kind of thing? It doesn't even happen in downhillers, a mountain bike discipline...

Daisuke Koya