Daisuke Koya's trials story (revised 12/99)

I got involved in the sport of biketrial after hearing rumors about a trials rider named Hans Rey who visited a local store for a demo as a friend told me (1992?). He said that this guy could ride a plank 10 feet off the ground. I believed him but thought it was crazy and senseless - I mean, what if you get hurt? At the time (my undergraduate days at UCLA) I was racing cross-country mountain biking and Hans Rey had a video out that was marketed as an "extreme riding" video, so I bought it. It featured Hans doing some maneuvers on a bike I never thought was possible until I saw it with my own eyes. I painstakingly started to incorporate the style of riding which was featured in the video, mostly without success as I found out what little potential I had for this sport of trials! I wasn't much of an athlete as a child, playing Nintendo most of the time. However, persistence paid off as I got to meet better riders who offered helpful biketrial tips. Little did I know when I started this sport that I would be as involved in the sport as much as I am right now and get to ride with Hans Rey himself! I love this sport because although the learning curve may be high for some of the more complicated moves, it is very rewarding when you do get them. The camaraderie amongst riders is a positive one as many riders often help each other out- even during competition! It is also an excellent spectator sport as well, which is a big plus. Not all sports can share this quality of providing as much entertainment for the participant and audience.